Friendship blossomed into love for Fenland couple who stayed in touch by post for three years

A COUPLE whose relationship began after sending letters to each other when kept apart by the compulsory National Service will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary on Friday.

Jean and Melvin Feltell, of Wimblington Road, Doddington, became friends after meeting at a fayre in March in 1948. They began to realise their feelings for each other during the three years they stayed in contact while he drove tanks in the army.

Mr Feltell said: “We began as good friends and it developed from there really. “We used to write letters to each other when I was away on National Service in England and abroad.

“We weren’t together before I went away but we stayed in touch because we were friends and liked each other.

“It all started to come together once I came back home. It’s fair to say that our friendship blossomed into love over time.”

The couple grew closer once Mr Feltell returned to Fenland in 1955 and married at Doddington Church five years later.

They went on to have two children, Karen and Anita, and despite spending weeks apart due to the nature of Mr Feltell’s lorry-driving job the couple’s love has never diminished.

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He said: “We used to speak on the phone if I was away and it made me realise how much I missed her when I wasn’t at home. I suppose you just have to get on with things like being apart.

“Sharing everything and working through the hard times together is a massive reason why we’ve worked. We’ve tackled issues and dealt with problems as a couple.

“I still care for her as much today as I did when we got married.”

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