From popcorn to philosophy with comedian Reginald D Hunter

Reginald D Hunter.

Reginald D Hunter. - Credit: Archant

Reporter Kath Sansom talks to American comedian Reginald D Hunter as he prepares to visit Peterborough on his 45-date UK tour.

Reginald D Hunter.

Reginald D Hunter. - Credit: Archant

The hearty belly laugh and deep south American drawl assures me that, yes this is comedy legend Reginald D Hunter in a phone interview.

But the wise philosophy that was passed to me was something I wasn’t prepared for.

Here is a man who is renowned for pushing the boundaries of comedy – who else could create a sketch around Josef Fritzl and still make it funny – yet in a 20-minute interview he is a thoughtful, deep thinking soul, a true gentleman and one who gave me wisdom that I shall certainly give to my two children.

As part of a 45-date, two-month UK tour, he is coming to Peterborough in June where he will no doubt rip up the audience at the Cresset.

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Before the tour he appeared at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, made his debut in New Zealand and toured mainland Europe before filming an epic road trip from North Carolina to New Orleans through 150 years of popular American song, for a three-part BBC2 series.

But surely this gruelling schedule leaves no time for a personal life, I ask him. In a feature in the Independent in 2013 he asks himself the same question. Has he paid too high a price for his comedy?

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It is something that has obviously been on his mind a lot of late.

“It’s causing me to account for myself coming from such a strong Christian culture,” he said. “In recent months I have had to get and review that, when I look at romantic relationships, friendships, families members.

“I liken it to a parable of the plane. You take out all the seats to go faster but by the time you get there you’re going on your own.

“I sometimes get lonely but I think we all get lonely in life, it’s absurd that people don’t admit it. It’s part of the human condition.”

For a man who, on stage is larger than life, this calm, thoughtful, wisdom is another extremely likeable element of his persona.

• Reginald D Hunter will be at the Peterborough Cresset on Wednesday, June 10, at 8pm. Tickets cost £23.50. Age 18 plus. To purchase tickets, contact 01733 265705.

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