Crisis, what crisis? Panic buying at the pumps in Fenland

Delph service station runs short of fuel

Two of three pumps closed today at Delph, Whittlesey. - Credit: Colin Martin

Panic buy is causing mayhem at the pumps.  

Filling stations across the Fens are beginning to suffer as the ‘pump closed’ signs go up after running out of petrol.  

The Delph garage in Whittlesey is one of those affected, and today had run out of premium petrol and diesel.  

Local Whittlesey resident says he was told at the Delph garage the owner wasn’t sure when he would be getting his next delivery. 

Only a handful are affected but many expect the situation could worsen quickly as a lorry driver crisis continues to force garages nationwide to close due to a lack of fuel. 

BP, Shell and Esso are among the suppliers who have temporarily closed stations across the UK due to a lack of delivery drivers. 

In Whittlesey one view, shared to Facebook, said Morrison’s at Cardea, Stangroud, was shutting some of the pumps earlier.  

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And in Peterborough queues have built up at many supermarkets with filling stations.  

Grant Shapps, transport secretary, has said motorists should “carry on as normal” after the lorry driver shortage hit fuel deliveries. 

He told Sky News: "The advice would be to carry on as normal, and that is what BP is saying as well. 

"They describe it on the average day that they have a handful of petrol stations that they had to close out of twelve or thirteen hundred. 

"The problem is not new. There has been a lack of drivers for many months through this pandemic because during the lockdown drivers couldn’t be passed through their lorry HGV tests, and that is what has led to this problem."