Fund raiser Trevor Hogg “battled like a lion” before losing his battle with cancer

MUSICIAN and charity fund raiser Trevor Hogg “died with his boots on “ after a long battle with lung cancer..

Trevor, 52, - who with friends formed a band to raise cash for the Fenland Road Safety Campaign (Charlotte’s Way) - performed fund raising gigs at his local pub, the Lamb and Flag at Welney.

He also recorded a charity album with Lee Whtieway and Liam McCabe, under the stage name of Charlotte’s Lemon Flag.

A family tribute said: “Trevor always tired to be honest and brave in the face of adversity. He battled like a lion and died with his boots on.

“His family and friends will miss him greatly, but he will always be remembered by his music and his outgoing personality. He lives on with all of us.”

Last year, road safety campaigner Graham Chappell said after a charity gig: “He is an outstanding example of what can be achieved, despite all adversity.

“The gig was the culmination of many months of painstaking work and dedication by Trevor, in spite of the incredible challenge of being diagnosed with terminal cancer.”

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Back in 2010, Trevor launched his 19 track CD Memoirs of a Crashing Soul, to raise money for the cancer care treatment unit and palliative care fund at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn. He started writing his CD about six months before he was diagnosed with cancer.

He leaves a wife, Silvia, and teenage daughter, Annabelle.

Trevor’s funeral will take place at St Mary’s Church in Welney on Monday, April 23, followed by interment in the church yard.