Funds keep growing for little Reggie Brinton of Emneth

Wisbech Lions latest donation made as you see to Reggie’s Bath

Wisbech Lions latest donation made as you see to Reggie’s Bath - Credit: Archant

Wisbech Lions have presented £500 to the family of a toddler who suffers from a rare skin condition and needs multiple treatments a day.

The money adds to a growing fund for Emneth tot Reggie Brinton to buy him a special microsilk bath from America to help ease his sore skin.

President Bill Batrick with welfare chair Lion Marilyn and four other Lion Club members present a cheque to Reggie’s grandmother.

Reggie, 10 months old, sheds his skin every few hours.

To soften the scaly skin present all over his body he needs moisturising several times a day.

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The bath is designed to minimise these treatments with micro–silk bubbles which penetrate the pores and help exfoliate the skin and make him more comfortable

Reggie was born a collodion baby and when he was born he had a thick membrane all over his body which looked like burns.

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He was in a humidifier incubator in NICU for 2 weeks and kept in the hospital for three weeks.

He was born a collodion baby because he has a rare skin condition called ichthyosis.

He is constantly unsettled and frustrated, his body needs to be moisturised every two hours to try and relieve itching and cracking, his sleep is constantly disturbed, he sheds skin all over his body every 12 hours. he looses hair with the scales from his scalp.

The bath will take the scales off in one session and he will have nice smooth skin for a few days.

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