Fundraiser launched to pay for funeral of ‘amazing’ Manea woman raises over £5,600

A fundraiser launched to help pay for the funeral of Georgina Fitzgibbon (pictured) has raised thous

A fundraiser launched to help pay for the funeral of Georgina Fitzgibbon (pictured) has raised thousands of pounds. Picture: GOFUNDME - Credit: Archant

A fundraiser launched to help pay for the funeral of an ‘amazing’ Manea woman has raised over £5,600.

Lindesay Fitzgibbon set up the fundraising page last week for his sister Georgina, who died in her sleep at the age of 24.

Now, the local community have rallied to support Lindesay and his family and is overwhelmed with the generosity he has received so far.

Lindesay, 21, said: “We didn’t expect nowhere near as much support as we have had.

“It’s still the worst thing to happen to us and no money or anything could help that, but the fundraiser has taken one bit of stress of our shoulders that we just couldn’t do.

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“The impact on us is that it has stopped us worrying so much about not being able to afford the send-off she deserved. She was and always will be amazing.”

Lindesay lost his dad Robert to cancer two years ago, and said the family are still paying off his funeral.

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The family had originally set a fundraising target of £3,000 and has also attracted 1,500 shares.

Lindesay said: “We decided to set it up because we don’t have the money to give her the send-off she deserved.

“She was our world, we are lost without her. She was a piece of the puzzle we will never get back.

“Her life was only just starting she got a job she loved and she was still searching for love.

“A day won’t go by where we don’t all think of her and miss her from the bottom of our hearts.

“Just over two years ago, cancer took my dad away from us and it was so hard, still to this day paying off his funeral.

“Georgina passed away in her sleep, with no signs of illness or anything. It’s honestly the most soul destroying thing and we are all struggling with it.

“We shouldn’t have to pay to bury our sister/daughter but that’s life.”

Lindesay added: “All I’m asking for is a little help towards the funeral with everything going on; it’s just something we can’t afford.

“If we can raise more, we will put it towards a better funeral that she deserves.”

To donate, visit Lindesay’s GoFundMe page at

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