Future is bright after March Town United and GER Sports Club settle 18-month dispute

MARCH Town United has secured its biggest result of the season - an out of court settlement which will safeguard the football club’s future.

An 18-month dispute between the Hares and the GER Sports Club ended at Peterborough County Court on Friday when the case was settled before it could reach the judge.

GER Sports Club spokesman Steve McGregor, of Fraser Dawbarns solicitors, said a new long-term lease had been agreed with the football club.

He said: “Following discussions between the parties on Friday, the long running issues between the two clubs have moved substantially towards a resolution.”

A spokesman for March Town United Football Club said: “The parties have been involved in a complex dispute which has now been settled.

“The settlement is conditional on several factors and we remain confident that these can be satisfied allowing the matter to be concluded.”