Future of Oasis Centre in Wisbech is not affected by nursery consultation

THERE have been several reports in the press over the last few weeks about Cambridgeshire County Council’s decision to go to consultation over the future of Oasis Nursery.

Even though it has been stated that this doesn’t affect the Oasis Centre, some may think the centre is run by the county council.

We would like to point out that this is not the case. The Oasis Centre is owned and run by Wisbech Community Development Trust and has been since it opened in March 2005.

The trust would also like to stress that it does not have any involvement in the running of the nursery or children’s centre. We do however hire out rooms to the county council.

Some members of the community are under the impression that we are maybe in financial difficulties. Again this is untrue.

We are suffering in the same way that everyone is in this current economic climate, and that is because some of the users of the centre have had their funding cut which has meant that they can no longer hold their group sessions in the community.

But we have been lucky enough to pick up new groups and we hope that this will continue to be the case.

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