G4S contract with Cambridgeshire Police should reviewed after Olympic shambles, says MP

EMBATTLED security firm G4S’ contract to provide support for Cambridgeshire Police should be reviewed in the wake of the recent Olympic scandal, an MP has said.

Cambridge MP Julian Huppert said the company at the centre of a firestorm about its staffing for the Olympics should be subject to scrutiny about its track record following what G4S has itself described as a “humiliating shambles”.

Asked during an interview whether the county’s Police Authority should go back and look at the decision again, Mr Huppert replied: “I think they should reconsider it.”

“Mr Buckles as the Chief Executive has said that he judges people very heavily on their track record – I think we should do the same thing to him.”

His comments came after he questioned G4S chief executive John Buckles during his appearance before the Parliamentary Home Affairs Select Committee.

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“It was really astonishing how badly prepared they were, and that they still want to claim their management fee for failing to manage a contract,” he said.

He added that “Mr Buckles was very clear that this was a problem that only affected the Olympics” but said: “It seems to me it’s a fundamental problem as to whether they can actually get the staff to show up to jobs which they claim that they do.”

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“It certainly raises massive concerns about whether anybody else would want to go ahead with a contract with G4S.”

Mr Huppert said they were gradually beginning to get a handle on their problems but said: “There are many questions that the Police Authority ought to be reflecting on.

“The key test is whether it actually provides a better service and saves money. You have to take into account of that, what happens if it goes wrong. And what’s clear from the Olympics contract is that the risk of it just going wrong was not sufficiently taken account of.”

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