Gadgets and gizmos are at a new museum opening in Throckenholt


A museum of the weird and wonderful world of gadgets and gizmos launches in the Fens next week.


People will be invited to peep into the past when the museum of all sorts open in Throckennholt.

The Museum of Technology the History of Gadgets and Gizmos is the pride of Trevor Cass and Rosie Hourihane.

Among the gems the couple have on display are gramophones, the first computers from the 80s, old typewriters and technology from First World warfare.

It was previously called the Museum of Technology The Great War & WW11 and was an established tourist highlight for 15 years when they previously ran it from their business base in Hemel Hempsted.


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Since retiring to the hamlet of Throckenholt, near Parson Drove, the owners have spent three years getting planning permission and building a brand new barn home for their impressive collection of historical intrigue.

The collection stems from about 1830 to 1980 and covers the eclectic mix of technology that has sprung up in that time and has been described as a bit of a liquorice all sorts of goodies.

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• The Museum of Technology the History of Gadgets and Gizmos From Blueprint to First Visitors opens on Thursday 11 and every Thursday, Friday and Saturday until October.

Find it at South Eau Bank, Throckenholt, PE12 0QR, 01945 700772 or 07770 571599

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