Gallery: Anyone going to Straw Bear can they please take notes so I can check on Sunday if I enjoyed it?

EDITOR John Elworthy spent Saturday at Whittlesey Straw Bear Festival, soaking up the atmosphere, enjoying the conviviality and walking the streets tweeting his thoughts.

He was not alone - Tweeters from far and wide were logging into the increasingly popular social network site to air their thoughts.

So, courtesy of a random assortment of those putting their Straw Bear thoughts into Twitter on the day, here’s our review of the 2011 event.

UK Travel: The most bizarre British festival?

Sarah Little: Straw Bear, Whittlesey, what a winner!

Louise: Been drinking the lovely OakhamAles at the Straw Bear festival. Light, hoppy and grape fruity - were Citra hops used?

Will Appleton: I’m a bit drunk! I’m at a straw bear festival!

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Jessica Watson: Been up to the Straw Bear Festival today helping out. Fun but now absolutely shattered

Tracy Green: Best of British eccentric festivals! Google it!

Max Carnage Local news in Cambridgeshire: barn owls survive winter freeze. Local man cross dresses for sword dancing at the ‘straw bear’ festival.

Mark Fairbank: On the bus to Straw Bear. Beeeeeeeeer!

John Elworthy: Chicken dance outside Black Bull is truly awesome

John Smith: It looks like we are a ‘GO’ for Whittlesea Straw Bear 2011... weather looks iffy going by the window view but the BBC says it will be fine.

Nathan Smith: Less than eight hours till the new Straw Bear adventure! Wish I could sleep. Still, I’m sure there will be burly men with drums to awaken me.

Pete Burton: Straw Bear festival prep - Warm clothes-check; money-check; camera-check; Childers membership card-check; iron kidneys-check.

Luke Anderton: Straw Bear festival. Random, ridiculous, amazing

Glenn Woolsey: What’s so good about the straw bear? Except probably it’s a foul incestuous tradition. Whittlesey hater!

Pete Burton Can someone take notes for me tomorrow so I know on Sunday if I enjoyed Whittlesey Straw Bear?

Mark Fairbank: Straw Bear weekend has started. Beer, beer and even more beer!

Alan Anker: It amazes me that the league still fails to recognise the straw bear as a public holiday for teams in the fens!

Fiona Cowan: Playing for the Straw Bear Festival parade. Singing swing Sunday. Life is good.

Libby H: Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival – The most bizarre UK fest?

Ruth Baker: Straw Bear is just the best thing ever

Anna Middlehurst: Dancing with Rivington Morris at the Straw Bear Festival; looking forward to it!

Alex Turton: Straw Bear weekend with @WillyApple @Chris_Heron ...last year we lasted 16 hours...wonder if we can beat it

Anna Middlehurst: Possibly England’s strangest event, only right that I’m going then. Tis The Wicker Man via Last of the Summer Wine.

Adam Taylor: I’m going to a thing called “straw bear”. Apparently it’s lots of drinking followed by a human sacrifice?

Laura McCourt: What is this straw bear please??

Will Appleton: Straw Bear festival this weekend. I’m actually a little bit scared!

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