GALLERY: Councillor wins fight to move street light from outside her bedroom window

A COUNCILLOR has won a short fight against developers after they decided to place a new street light outside her bedroom window.

Contractors Acrabuild were ordered to stop their plans and fill in the gaping hole next to Cllr Jan French’s home by developers after she rang Cambridgeshire County Council to complain.

Cllr French was alerted when she heard strimming outside her home alongside the A141, at Westry, but thought it was someone cutting the grass.

It was only when she heard workmen start to drill that she went outside where she was told that a light was going to be put up outside her house.

Cllr French said: “I am a great believer in consultations but the people on our street weren’t consulted properly.

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“We were aware that they were putting up street lights up as part of the development of the pub and I welcome this but not outside my bedroom window.

“It’s just a matter of six foot, if they moved it down the road there would be no issue.

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“Someone has sat down in their office and made this decision without considering the people living here.”

A county council spokesman said: “We have played the honest broker in this. We didn’t take part in the design of the street lights but we have liased with the developers and worked very quickly to agree to move the light pending further discussion.”

Developers designed the street lighting which was agreed by the county council. A new entrance off the A141 is also part of the development of Marston’s latest pub, Cobblestones.

The site foreman, who works for contractors Acrabuild, said: “It’s been blown out of proportion.”

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