GALLERY: Dramatic photographs show damage to Fenland village hall after break-in and fire

A BREAK-IN and fire at a Fenland village hall has forced its closure until further notice and the cancellation of all forthcoming events.

The fire was spotted by Three Holes Village Hall committee member Sylvia Veal when she was taking her husband Peter to work just after 5am yesterday.

They alerted the fire service and two fire engines were soon on the scene. Dan Veale, vice chairman of the village hall committee, said: “Do not go anywhere near the village hall as it is very dangerous and we do not anyone to go siteseeing and try and peak at the hall as there is a considerable risk that they may get injured. Please please do not go there.

“As for the culprits of the fire, I hope that police catch up with you and throw you behind bars. Also it would be much appriciated if you go to the police station and hand yourselves in.”She said the committee was keen to let everyone know that the hall will be closed until future notice and all public and private events will have to be cancelled.

Rita Cuss said the Easter Bingo fund-raiser planned for this evening will now go ahead thanks to the Outwell Village Hall Committee members who have offered to host the event which starts at 7pm and doors open from 6pm.

Brian Ranger, committee chairman, said: “We’ve had a number of attempted break-ins in the past; it’s so frustrating as nothing of value is kept at the hall.

“I have recently sent off one funding application for more improvements to the hall and have another almost complete and now these will have to be torn up!”

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Anyone with an outstanding booking requiring more information should contact Carol Manning on 01945 773961 or check the village hall website