GALLERY: Gunfire rings out across Fenland as village plays host to American Civil War re-enactment

GUNFIRE rang out across Fenland on Sunday as Stonea played host to a stunning re-enactment of the American Civil War.

The village came alive for the 13th Alabama Living History Society’s portrayal of life in a confederate camp near the battle front.

Musket demonstrations and firing drills were carried out while nurses performed operations and amputations on the wounded at a field hospital set up near the Golden Lion pub.

Deserters were put in front of a firing squad as villagers were given a feel of what life was like during four years of bloody American history.

All the costumes were made from the correct materials while some of the pistols and muskets on show were those used in the actual war.

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Talks were given by John Key, the society’s chairman, and Simon Keymer, their vice-chairman, about medical equipment and techniques used during the period.

Andy Swinden, landlord of the Golden Lion, said that “the dedication to authenticity and their knowledge of the period was very impressive”.

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