GALLERY: Inconsiderate drivers blasted on a community website as photos identify culprits

A MARCH man is so angry about inconsiderate parking outside a primary school in the town that he has posted photos of the offending vehicles on a community website.

Andy Towning says his photos “show who the culprits are and whom everyone should be angry at.”

He added: “All we as residents want is for everyone to park safely and in line with the Highway Code.”

New parking restrictions for the area are in the pipeline, and Andy says it is the inconsiderate parking that has forced the authorities to take action.

“Soon there will be parking restrictions around this area so no one will be able to park near the school,” he said.

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“It will also impact on local resident in that the restrictions will continue during the school holidays so residents will have to constantly bare this in mind when we or guest park outside our home.”

His photos show drivers parking on the pavement, on yellow lines, next to a junction, and parking both sides of the road.

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Other residents have joined in the condemnation of drivers who park on the pavement or in a bus bay.

Kaz Wright says a taxi driver who parked badly “should know better,” and Geoff Couten is complaining that a car parked in the bus bay is blocking the view.

Emma Oakley points out that she the school has issued her with a permit to park in the bus bay, but other drivers do not have permission.

According to Alice Moss, police took photos of illegally parked cars a couple of weeks ago, and issued tickets to the offending drivers.

Tanya Wright posted: “It is ridiculous when idiotic parking like this means you can’t get in or out of your own driveway,” and Dawn Harrison added: “If you have drop down kerb, people are not supposed to park there, not that they care.”

Mr Towning says he posted the pictures on the website rather than hand them over to the police is to because he feels the police do not respond quickly enough.

“We all know they will only turn up after culprits have gone,” he claimed.

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