GALLERY: Kingsfield School pupils learn about fossils and try out cave painting and necklace making during Stone Age Day

Pupils enjoyed an action-packed Stone Age day

Pupils enjoyed an action-packed Stone Age day - Credit: Archant

Year 3 pupils at Kingsfield Primary School enjoyed an action-packed Stone Age Day.

The children, dressed in earthy coloured clothes reminiscent of the era, took part in a variety of activities throughout the day.

Jamie Jordan, of Fossils Galore, showed off some artefacts including a Woolly Rhino’s leg bone.

In the afternoon the children separated into three groups - The Woolly Mammoths, The Sabre Toothed Tigers and the Woolly Rhinos.

They took part in cave painting, making poetry writing stones and Stone Age necklace making.

Year 3 teacher, Helen Rhodes said: “It was fantastic to see the children really engaged in the activities, especially with our very own caretaker lighting fires the Stone Age Way. We had a fabulous day.”

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