GALLERY: Little done to close down illegal taxi firms operating in Wisbech

FIVE years after Fenland District Council promised a clampdown on illegal taxis operating out of Wisbech, little has been done to close them down.

In fact evidence shows there are a growing number of ‘firms’ cultivating the Eastern European population of Wisbech and offering cut price deals for airport trips.

Dozens of adverts are littered across the town displaying adverts for the illegal firms and no effort is being made to close them down.

Councillor Dave Patrick, chairman of Wisbech and District Hackney Carriage Drivers Association, said: “They have operated for years but when we complained the council says it is not prepared to jeopardise their officers’ safety and take enforcement action.

“The council is well aware of these adverts but has done nothing. You see them hovering around outside Asda as well as taking people to airports.

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“It seems the council is more interested in alleged overcharging of people by 19p rather than people being carried in uninsured vehicles where no driver has undergone a Criminal Record Bureau check.

“If they had an accident they would not be able to claim.”

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A council spokesman said: “To combat any problem of unlicensed taxi drivers we rely on evidence being produced. So we are grateful that these notices have been brought to our attention.

“We will now seek to contact those responsible for posting the notices so that we can investigate fully. We will explain to them that any taxi driver has to be properly licensed and help them with any paperwork.

“We will also make it clear to them what the penalties are if they are caught operating without a licence. If necessary, we will take the appropriate enforcement action.

“We encourage anyone who is aware of individuals operating an unlicensed taxi service to supply us with any evidence they may have.”

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