GALLERY: Manea refuge owner claims family owes her several hundred pounds for looking after their dog

Rex, who is staying at Tara's Refuge

Rex, who is staying at Tara's Refuge - Credit: Archant

A MANEA woman who agreed to look after a family’s dog when they fell on hard times says she is owed several hundred pounds.


Rex. - Credit: Archant

When Judith Carmichael and her family were evicted from their house and forced into temporary accommodation, Kay Mitchell, who runs an animal refuge, agreed to look after Rex, Mrs Carmichael’s one year old Mastiff, German Shepherd crossbreed for three months.

Tara's rescue, Rex. The collar that Rex was wearing when he turned up at the rescue.

Tara's rescue, Rex. The collar that Rex was wearing when he turned up at the rescue. - Credit: Archant

But, ten weeks after the agreement started, Ms Mitchell is angry that she has only been paid £20 towards the costs of looking after Rex.

Ms Mitchell said: “Mrs Carmichael telephoned me on January 7 asking if I would take her dog Rex for three months.

“When I got him he was so emaciated you could see his ribs from the other end of the field.

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“She agreed to pay for food and any other expenses. It took until February 15 for her to pay me £20. She promised she would pay me more the week after but that’s all I have had.

“She owes me several hundred pounds. I’ve been told by social services I’m entitled to £5 a day for every day I’ve looked after him plus £2.50 daily to cover his food.”

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Mrs Carmichael says Ms Mitchell will get her money once she can afford to pay her.

She said: “I wrote to her to explain my health condition. I have bad asthma and arthritis and am now on crutches. I’m not able to walk any real distance.

“We are in sheltered accommodation with the council so we are not allowed pets.

“Once we get ourselves sorted out as soon as we have the spare cash we will send her the money.

“She said she knew we were struggling for money and that we have three young children so we should pay her back only when we could afford to.”

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