GALLERY: Norwich City footballers present awards to Neale Wade Academy’s most promising sporting students

Reece Hall-Johnson presenting the boys football awards.

Reece Hall-Johnson presenting the boys football awards. - Credit: Archant

TWO players from Norwich City’s Youth FA Cup winning team were on hand to give out awards at Neale-Wade Academy’s PE department presentation evening.

Promising young footballers Harry Barker and Reece Hall-Johnson, Clive Bush, chief executive of the Active Learning Trust, Geoff Deakin, chair of Govenors, and members of the senior leadership team attended.

Barker, a former Cromwell Community College pupil, gave an inspirational speech about the importance of balancing sport and education.

Ben Crosbie, PE teacher, said: “I would like to thank both the boys who are a credit to Norwich City and Jimmy Unwin, the education welfare officer at Norwich, for making their visit possible.”

Ashley Payne was the recipient of the Chris Hill Award for outstanding sporting contribution throughout college life.

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