GALLERY: Pupils from Westwood School, March, learn about Indian culture and cuisine on special themed day

YEAR 5 pupils learnt about Indian art, culture and cuisine at Westwood Junior Community School’s ‘Indian Celebration Day’.

The children, who are doing a module on India, dressed in traditional Indian costume and sampled Indian food.

They were taught about meditation and one of the teachers set up stumps in the classroom and instigated a game of cricket.

The school has previously held Viking days and days were the pupils come in dressed as characters from famous books.

Tamara Masterton, who teaches at the school, said: “It was a successful day and the children really enjoyed and embraced it.”

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She believes themed days help her pupils to engage with a topic.

She said: “It’s all very well looking at a screen or doing drawings but to give the children that practical experience of something is always useful.”

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