GALLERY: Thomas Clarkson Community College students arrive by car, taxi, horse and cart and even by cardboard box

THEY came by car. They came by taxi. They came by ice cream vans. They came by bus.

They even came by horse and cart.

And, though we can only guess the identity, some turned up in a cardboard box on the back of a trailer.

Inventive? Certainly. Imaginative? Most definitely. And glamorous? Oh yes for this was for many not simply the highlight of their year but the culmination of their time at Thomas Clarkson Community College, Wisbech.

Year 11 prom night was a remarkable and fun drenched night for the 170 guests who turned up to Elme Hall Hotel and for many dozens of friends and family members all cheering and smiling as the guests arrived.

Emlyn Moment, the ICT teacher who invited the Wisbech Standard to attend, promised “a great photo to see our ebullient Year 11 students celebrate their successful five years with Thomas Clarkson.”

He was correct- a great night, some splendid photos and a stylish night to remember.

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There’s a photo gallery with many more pictures from the night on our website.

PHOTOS: Steve Williams

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