GALLERY: Westry residents fearful of more flooding

Flooding at Westry March.

Flooding at Westry March. - Credit: Archant

Residents fear another downpour could cause the flooding of their homes and gardens.

Flooding at Westry March. Water laying on a driveway.

Flooding at Westry March. Water laying on a driveway. - Credit: Archant

A stretch of houses along Wisbech Road, Westry, were flooded before Christmas when a drain became blocked.

One woman was forced to use a commode after workmen were unable to fix damage to drains which saw thousands of gallons of water flooding into her garden.

She was unable to use her toilet for several days, and other households in the area got water flooding into their gardens and back yards.

With the recent wet weather, there are worrying signs another bout of flooding is immanent - puddles are accumulating in the gardens of properties and water is creeping up the brickwork at the front of houses.

Jon Butler, speaking on behalf of residents of Wisbech Road, said: “Our concern is if there’s any more heavy rain we will not be able to use the toilets, which would be a real problem for elderly people.

“We don’t care who is responsible for the drains. We just want something done.”

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Cambridgeshire County Council say they have identified what is causing the problem and are treating the repair as a priority.

A county council spokesman said: “We have identified that there is a collapsed culvert just near the entrance to KFC on the A141.

“We are treating its repair as a priority. There is a site meeting next week to discuss the best way to get into it and we hope to get the work done in the next few weeks.

“In the meantime, when there is heavy rainfall we are sending a drainage contractor to pump out the water courses and septic tanks to ensure there is no flooding risk to the houses.”

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