GALLERY: Wisbech schools compete to build the best bridge in technology challenge

Children from five Wisbech schools competed in the bridge making contest

Children from five Wisbech schools competed in the bridge making contest - Credit: Archant

TWENTY children from five Wisbech Schools spent Wednesday afternoon competing against eachother to build the best bridge.

Pupils from Elm Church of England, Friday Bridge, Gorefield, Kinderley and Wisbech St Mary schools took part in a technology challenge held at Wisbech St Mary School to mark National Science and Engineering Week.

The competitors from each school were challenged to make a 1.5 metre long bridge using nothing but newspaper and sellotape.

The bridges had to be free standing, elegant and capable of supporting at least one house brick.

All of the bridges met these criteria, with the strongest bridge carrying three bricks.

Over the past three weeks retired Head Teacher Chris Child worked with pupils at each school on a series of technological challenges.

Mr Child said: “The project has created the opportunity for a significant number of Wisbech children to become engaged in a practical activity, allowing them to put into practice scientific and technological skills in a meaningful way.

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“They needed to work co-operatively and organise their time and resources to achieve success.

“Perhaps the most important part of the activity however, was that it was highly motivational and enjoyed by all the children taking part.”

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