GALLERY: Work well under way on �85,000 improvement scheme at Bedlam Bridge near March

WORK on an �85,000 safety improvement scheme at Bedlam Bridge near March – unusual because of being part funded by a safety group- is well under way.

The scheme is being funded by Cambridgeshire County Council and the Fenland Road Safety Campaign (Charlotte’s Way).

The existing bridge dating from the 1960s does not have strengthened parapets to stop vehicles entering the water and a scheme has now been designed to install a safety fence in front of the bridge railings within the footway and verge.

Phase 1 sees the installation of fencing on the southern side of the bridge, the northern side will be improved after Christmas after the design has been finalised to avoid an existing water main in the footway.

Charlotte’s Way campaign founder Graham Chappell, said: “Through a Local Highway Improvement bid, Charlotte’s Way – Fenland Road Safety Campaign and the county council have jointly funded a scheme to improve the safety of Bedlam Bridge and the adjacent junction.

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“A panel of county councillors assessed all the bids on set criteria such as safety and community impact and the Charlotte’s Way proposal scored the highest out of all Rural Fenland bids.”

Mr Chappell, who took the photographs, says they show views of the ground reinforcement work, adjacent to the south bridge parapet.

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“The installation team have been working in freezing conditions for much of the time, so it is possible their schedule may have become somewhat delayed.

“But with one week to go of the planned three week operation, preparation seems more or less complete for safety fence posts to be slotted in and concrete to be laid along the length of the south parapet.

“Work on installing the FRSC jointly funded additional safety barrier stretch, covering the exposed adjacent river bank should then also begin.”

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