Garage door in Fenland town is Mary’s unique memorial to soldiers killed in Afghanistan

FORMER nurse Mary Green has turned her garage door into a unique memorial to soldiers who have lost their lives in Afghanistan.

When she hears that a member of the armed forces has been killed, she paints another number on the door.

Mary, whose late husband Jimmy was a squadron leader, and who once worked in an RAF hospital in Berlin, said: “I am very sad about it all. I grieve every time I hear another chap has been killed.

“My husband fought on the beaches of Dunkirk and my son was out in Bosnia with the Territorial Army, so I know what it is about.”

The 82-year-old has also written a book of poems which she sells outside her local Co-op store to raise hundreds of pounds for the Help for Heroes charity.

Her actions have attracted many comments from residents of Chatteris but Mary, of London Road, says her unconventional memorial is her way of remembering those who have died and of attracting attention to those who return home severely injured.

When she started painting on the numbers passersby would ask if she was marking the days until Christmas!

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She said: “The RIP makes it quite clear to everyone now what I am doing.

“I don’t think many people care about what is going on. They bring them home and bury them and they are gone and forgotten.

“I am a political animal from a very political family and I wanted to make my views known.

“What about those who come home with terrible injuries? I am very sad about these lads. I don’t know why they are out there.

“What about those who come home with no legs and other injuries, what happens to them?

“I have written to the Prime Minister asking him to bring them back and he said he would try to get some back. I would like to see them all back home.”

Mary, who loves poetry, put together a selection of her own work in a book which she sells for �5.

Many shoppers also give donations and she hopes to raise �500.