Gay rights charity commend Cambridgeshire council for way it tackles homophobic bullying in schools

Councillor David Harty

Councillor David Harty - Credit: Archant

GAY rights charity Stonewall has put Cambridgeshire into the top tier of local councils for the way it tackles homophobic bullying in schools.

Stonewall, which works to promote rights and justice for gay and bi-sexual men and women, put Cambridgeshire at number 5 in their education equality index.

Cabinet member for education Councillor David Harty said the council regards prevention and tackling homophobic bullying as an essential part of their role.

“We are committed to making every school in the county a safe place for all pupils to learn – irrespective of their sexuality,” he said.

“We passionately believe that with education, dedication and determination, we can create a safe and inclusive learning environment for all young people.”

Stonewall’s head of education Wes Streeting said he was delighted with Cambridgeshire’s efforts.

“Homophobic bullying has a detrimental impact on the attendance, achievement and life chances of young people,” he said.

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