GCSE RESULTS: 100 per cent pass rate at Wisbech Grammar School

STUDENTS at Wisbech Grammar School achieved a 100 per cent pass rate at grade C or above in five subjects, including English and mathematics.

High flying pupils also bagged the school’s biggest ever haul of A* results, with a quarter of the passes being at the highest grade – a four per cent improvement on last year’s figure of 21 per cent – and more than half the passes were at the top two grades of A* and A.

Eight students, Jessica Bullock, Matthew Coleman, Francesca Cooper, Sophie Culshaw, Jack Hutson, Jonathan Ison, Isabelle Le Gallez and John Redwood, secured a clean sweep, gaining A* or A grades in all of their subjects and the school achieved its highest ever tally of average passes per pupil at 9.1 per cent.

Headmaster Nicholas Hammond said: “This is an excellent performance by our GCSE candidates, which reflects the hard work that they have put into their studies over the course of two years.

“With one quarter of all exams taken receiving the top A* grade, congratulations are also due to our staff who have supported their students so effectively. Whilst there are many fine individual performances, particular congratulations should go to the eight students who achieved a clean sweep of A and A* grades.”

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Subject codes:

Most Read

A&D Art & Design; A&DG Art & Design: Graphics; A&DT Art & Design: Textiles; B Biology; C Chemistry; D&TRM Design & Technology: Resistant Materials; E English; EL English Literature; F French; F&N Food & Nutrition; G Geography; Gm German; H History; ICT Information & Communication Technology; M Mathematics; Mu Music; P Physics; PE Physical Education; Sp Spanish. ** = Grade A*, * = Grade A.


Jake Airey; E*, EL, M*, B *, C, G, P**, A&DG

Kate Allen; E, EL, M, F&N, A&DG, A&DT

Angus Allpress; E, EL*, M*, C*, F**, G*, H**, P*, Sp*

James Ashby; E, EL, M, B, G, P, F&N, D&TRM, PE

Claudia Barrasso; E*, EL**, M*, C , G*, Gm**, Sp**, A&D**, A&DT**, ICT

Melissa Barwick; E*, EL*, M**, B, C*, F**, Gm*, H*, A&DT**, PE*

Daniel Blackwell; E*, EL*, M**, B*, C**, Gm*, H, P**, D&TRM*, ICT*

Jessica Bullock; E**, EL**, M*, B**, C**, F**, H**, P**, Sp**, ICT*

Matthew Coleman; E**, EL**, M**, B**, C**, F**, H*, P**, D&TRM**, ICT**

James Collett; E, EL, M**, G, Gm, H, P, Sp, D&TRM

Thomas Collison; E, M*, B, C, Gm, H, P, ICT, D&TRM*

Francesca Cooper; E**, EL*, M*, B*, F*, G**, H**, A&D**, A&DT**, PE*

Grace Crackle; E*, EL*, M**, F*, H*, Mu*, P, A&DG*, D&TRM**, ICT

Alicia Cranwell; E*, EL*, M, B, F*, Gm*, H**, Mu, A&DT*, PE

Sophie Culshaw; E**, EL**, M**, B**, C**, G**, Gm*, P*, Sp**, PE**

Kate D’Aloia; E**, EL**, M*, B, F**, Gm**, H**, A&D**, A&DT**, PE

James De Leuce; E**, EL**, M, B, F, G, Gm, H**, D&TRM*, PE

Harry Dodds; E, EL, M*, B, C, G*, Gm, H**, P, PE*

Ruth Edmunds; E**, EL**, M**, C, F**, G, Gm*, H**, Mu*, ICT*

Jake Ellis; E, EL, M, H, D&TRM

Sam England; E, EL*, M, F, G*, H*, P, A&D*, D&TRM

Louise Evans; E*, EL*, M, B, F*, Gm, H, A&D, A&DT*, ICT

Lawrence Everett; E*, EL*, M**, B**, C**, G**, Gm*, Mu *, P**, ICT

Edward Fenn; E, EL, M*, C, G*, Gm, H, P*, D&TRM*, ICT

Henry Fenn; E, EL, M, C, G, Gm, H*, P, D&TRM*, ICT

Bobbie Jo Foreman; E, EL, M, A&DG, A&DT*, D&TRM

Lena Gadir; E**, EL**, M**, B**, C**, F*, H**, P*, A&DT**, ICT

Gorav Ganger; E, EL, M*, C*, Gm, H, P*, A&DG, D&TRM, PE

Chloe Garner; E, EL*, M, G, F&N*, H, Gm, A&DT*

Tamsin Grundy; E*, EL, M*, B, F**, G, Gm**, Sp**, D&TRM

Callum Gurbutt; E, EL, M**, B*, C**, G, P**, Sp, D&TRM, ICT

Jessica Harrington; E, EL*, M, F&N, A&DT*, Gm, H

Sophie Harrington; E, EL, M, Gm, A&DT*, A&DG

Nicola Hopkin; E, EL, M, B, A&DT, F&N, H

Scott Howard; E, EL, M*, B*, C*, G*, Gm, P*, D&TRM**

Jack Hutson; E**, EL**, M**, C**, Gm*, H**, P**, Sp*, D&TRM*

Jonathan Ison; E**, EL*, M**, C**, F*, G**, Gm**, P**, D&TRM**, PE**

Carl Jiang; E, EL, M, B, G, A&DG, F&N, ICT, D&TRM

Dipak Karavadara; E*, EL*, M**, B*, C**, F**, H**, P**, Sp**, PE

Ebony Kittsen; E, EL, M, C, B, A&DT*, Gm, A&DG

Jessica Lankfer; E, EL, M*, B*, A&DG**, G, F&N, A&DT**

Sophie Laurence; E**, EL*, M, B, G, Gm*, H*, Mu, P, PE

Isabelle Le Gallez; E*, EL**, M**, C*, F**, G**, H**, Sp**, A&DT**, ICT*

Mei Sim Lim; E**, EL**, M*, B, F*, H**, Sp**, A&DG**, A&DT**, ICT

Eva-Louise Loudon; E*, EL, M, B, F, Mu, PE, A&D, D&TRM

David MacLachlan; E*, EL*, M*, C*, F*, H, Mu, P, Gm, ICT

Robert Matthews; E*, EL*, M**, C*, F**, G*, H**, P*, Sp**, PE

Laura Mitchell; E, EL, M**, G*, P*, Mu, Sp, A&DG, A&DT*, PE

Gavin Moreton; E, EL, M**, B**, C**, F, G*, Gm, P**, ICT*

Stuart Murat; E*, EL*, M*, B*, C*, G**, Gm, P*, F&N, ICT

Zachary Newport; E*, EL, M**, B*, C**, Gm*, H* P**, D&TRM

Megan Nurse; E, EL, M, F, A&DT*, G, H, F&N

William Page; E, EL, M, B*, C, Gm, H, P, D&TRM*, ICT

Sam-Henry Pressling; E**, EL**, M**, B**, C**, H**, P**, Sp**, A&D, PE**

Harvey Ramsdale; E, EL, M*, C, F, G, H, P, D&TRM*, PE*

Tatum Rand; E*, EL**, M, B**, G*, A&DT**, H**, A&DG**

Thomas Rayns; E*, EL, M**, B*, C**, F**, Gm*, H, P**, ICT*

John Redwood; E**, EL*, M**, B**, C**, G*, H**, P**, Sp**, ICT*

Matthew Retchless; E, C, M, F, A&DG, D&TRM, PE

Oliver Revett; E, EL, M, B, C, F, Gm, H, F&N, ICT

Franklin Rugg; E*, EL, M, B, F*, G, Gm, F&N, D&TRM**, ICT*

Joseph Sharman; E**, EL*, M, B, A&DG*, Gm, H, F&N

Richard Sheard; E, EL, M*, C*, A&DG, H, P*, ICT, D&TRM**

Jamie Sheldrick; E*, EL*, M**, C**, B**, Gm*, H**, P**, Sp, ICT*

Lucy Tasker; E*, EL*, M**, B**, G*, Gm, H*, A&DG*, A&DT**, PE

Holly Tibbles; E, EL, M**, B, C*, F, H, A&D*, A&DT, PE

Oliver Timms; E, EL, M*, B, C*, F*, H, A&DG*, PE

Jessica Tolliday; E, EL*, M**, C*, Gm, H, P*, A&DG*, A&DT**, ICT

Kieran Varma; E**, EL**, M**, B*, C*, Gm*, H**, Sp, D&TRM

Imogen Ward; E, EL, M*, B, F, G*, H, P, F&N*, PE

Lily Whitworth-Biehler; E*, EL*, M**, B*, C*, ICT, H**, P*, A&DT*

Joshua Widdowson; E, EL, M*, C, G, Gm, H, D&TRM


Mehroze Asif; M**

Thomas Beresford-Peirse ; M**

Frederick Bowlby; M**

Richard Bradley; M*

Fergus Brown; M**

Helena Coe; M*

Madelaine Corney; M*

Mignonne Gunasekara; M**

Frederick Hay; M*

Thomas Kelly; M**

Kazim Keskin; M**

Christopher Moment; M**

Zara Plumb; M**

Alex Reardon; M

Thomas Seaton; M*

Chloe Short; M**

Edward Slipper; M*

Amy-Hope Steele; M**

James Stevenson; M**

Molly Anne Sutton; M**

Michael Tigchelaar; M**

Edward Tunnard; M**

Holly Young; M**

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