German doctor struck off in UK for killing Fenland man with morphine overdose

AN out of hours German doctor has been struck off by the General Medical Council after he killed a Fenland man with 10 times the recommended dose of morphine.

The panel decided on Friday that Dr Daniel Ubani should no longer practise in the UK for killing David Gray at his home in Manea in February 2008.

The GMC Panel said it had “grave concerns about Dr Ubani’s clinical competence”.

It said: “The panel has concluded that Dr Ubani’s actions on 16 February 2008 presented a significant risk to patients as he failed to recognise and work within the limits of his own competence.”

Nigerian-born Dr Ubani was on his first shift providing out-of-hours services for Take Care Now when he visited Mr Gray at his home. He was exhausted and confused when he arrived and confused the morphine with another drug.

He was convicted of causing death by negligence and was given a nine-month suspended sentence in Germany for the death. However, he is still able to practise there and the GMC’s powers to not extend to other countries.

An inquest into the death of Mr Gray in February found he was unlawfully killed. North East Cambs coroner William Morris said his death amounted to gross negligence and manslaughter. Mr Gray’s family has since accepted �40,000 in compensation.

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Dr Ubani did not attend the hearing in Manchester, saying: “I feel it should not serve any positive purpose.”

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