Get your air conditioning systems checked now before the demands of summer

WITH the summer months almost upon us our cars’ air conditioning systems will come under demand once again.

But make sure you don’t get caught cold this summer with a system that is not cool enough, is noisy or gives off strange smells.

Garages across Fenland offer vehicle air conditioning and re-gas services, to make sure your car’s system runs clean and cool.

Air conditioning systems create and maintain a comfortable environment inside vehicles. However, the refrigerant gas used to operate the system depletes over time – most cars, on average, lose up to 15 per cent per annum.

On top of that, we do not use the air conditioning as much during the winter months and this can cause seals to dry out.

Most problems can be put right by a system check, followed by a refill of the refrigerant. This is commonly referred to as a re-gas.

Now would be the best time to get your system checked – winter has passed and there is plenty of time to spare in the run-up to summer.

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Air con systems are also susceptible to strange smells, caused by bacteria build-up in the system.

As systems age, or if they are used infrequently, the system starts to develop bacteria, microorganisms and even mould or fungi. This leads to unpleasant odours and could even cause headaches and flu-like symptoms.

But don’t worry – systems can be treated with an anti-bacterial treatment, leaving your car smelling fresh again.

Also, if your system starts suddenly making noises, get it checked as soon as possible – it could be early signs of compressor failure.

The compressor is usually the most expensive part of the system and if this seizes up other parts can also become contaminated with metal particles.

If that happens, a system flush will be needed as well as a new compressor, expansion valve and receiver/drier – and with that will come a hefty repair bill.

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