Getting a hoverboard as the ‘must have’ Christmas present? Then be warned you need to insure them on public roads say Cambs Police

Police issue hoverboard warning

Police issue hoverboard warning - Credit: Archant

Cambs Police warned anyone getting a hoverboard for Christmas to be aware they need to be insured if they use them on the road.

The warning comes on top of a national warning by on line retailer Amazon to throw away any ‘non standard’ hoverboards following safety concerns.

Despite an estimated 500,000 being sold as Christmas presents – it’s this year’s ‘must have’ toy- police are taking a tough line on those who use them.

“Hoverboards seem to be the new craze and no doubt Santa will have a big demand for them,” says a Cambs police spokesman.

“If you’re lucky enough to have one already or are delivered one on Christmas night there are some things you need to be aware of.”

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Police pointed out that hoverboards are not allowed to be used on pavements and insurance is needed for use on a public road.

“Whilst there is no requirement to wear safety headwear it is advisable to use either cycle, skateboard or snowboard helmets,” the warning adds.

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“Our policing approach will be one of education, advice and guidance, and where people choose to continually ignore advice and guidance prosecution may be the only option.

“Our priority is to keep both the public and hoverboard users safe and free from injury.

Amazon said it had emailed buyers of self-balancing boards identified as being sold with non-compliant UK plugs informing them they would be refunded and instructing them to take the boards to certified recycling centres that deal with electrical waste.

John Lewis and Argos have also removed the product from sale.

National Trading Standards seized more than 15,000 unsafe hoverboards, mainly for having non-compliant electrical components that could explode or catch fire.

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