Getting to know you: Reg Kemp

1 Who are you? Reg Kemp 2 What do you do I am retired, but I do various things in the voluntary sector, one of which is to organise the March Bands in the Park concerts which I have done on behalf of the Town Council for the past three years. I am also

1 Who are you?

Reg Kemp

2 What do you do

I am retired, but I do various things in the voluntary sector, one of which is to organise the March 'Bands in the Park' concerts which I have done on behalf of the Town Council for the past three years. I am also the property steward for the Trinity Methodist/URC Church in March, and that involves being responsible for the functioning of the building in terms of lettings, health and safety and fire precautions. And I have been appointed a trustee member of Fenland Centre for Voluntary Service and a member of U3A (University for the 3rd Age) who meet monthly in March at Trinity Church.

3 Why would people know you?

We have been getting record attendances at the band concerts in excess of 100 a week and people might know me through that, and we have a very active community at the church and provide letting facilities for lots of community groups and organisations. I might also be known as the fella who walks through the town with a Panama hat with a union jack headband.

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4 What is the most interesting thing that has ever happened to you?

Probably goes back quite some time, about 25 years ago when I was working for a regional sales manager for a company in the food trade called Baxter's of Speyside. While with them they won the Queen's Award for Industry and my wife and I along with all the other regional managers were invited up to the factory in north of Scotland to attend a special reception at which the Queen, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, presented the award to owner Gordon Baxter.

5 What do you like most about the Fens?

The landscape, the history and the people (original Fenlanders).

6 Give us at least five pet hates.

People who strip to the waist even when shopping and particularly abroad, bad manners, anti-social behaviour, exploitation of immigrants (ie by gangmasters), historic buildings left in a bad state of repair, of which there are a few in March.

7 What do you think about people who smoke?

I've no problem with people who smoke. I'm an ex-smoker and gave up when I retired in 1995. I've always found smokers to be more sociable but perhaps its because they're meant to feel they've got the plague they tend to group together.

8 What is you favourite Fenland restaurant/pub?

There are two. For restaurant I would say the George in March and as a pub, the Cock Inn, because the landlord's very friendly and I can also go in there and watch my favourite football team Liverpool on the big screen.

9 What is the most money you spent in one day?

Apart from houses, it was way back in the 60s - we invested in a caravan which cost something in the lines of £1,000 back then - the equivalent of about £10,000 now.

10 Would you say you are fashion conscious?

Can you not tell? No, but I keep myself reasonably tidy. I don't like scruffy people.

11 What is on you bedside table?

CD radio, Richard Branson's biography, a book about Geoffrey Boycott, a pair of glasses, and a book called 'The Thinking Man's Guide to the World Cup.

12 If you had £100 to give to charity, who would you give it to, and why?

I would give it to the RAFA because of the good work they do for ex-RAF and the dependants of ex-RAF and I have been a member of the association for 10 years.

13 Do you agree with the idea of private education?

Emphatically, no. Because I don't think anybody should be able to receive privileges of that sort. I note the intake to universities such as Oxford and Cambridge still take a disproportionate number of public school entries.

14 Name a town or country you would never want to return to.

Pwllhelli, in Wales, because way back we went to a Butlins holiday camp which was a disaster, plus it rained all week. We were worn out chasing round after the children, with crying babies in chalets.

15 Who would you least like to sit next to on an aeroplane?

Apparently the King of Tonga has died, but he used to feed on turtle steaks and weighed 33 stones, which is just over double my weight, so the good thing is he would make me quite thin, but we wouldn't have a comfortable journey.

16 If you were the Prime Minister, what would you abolish?

First, I wouldn't resign just to suit the media. I would insist there has to be an election for the leader of the new Labour Party. I would repeal the anti-smoking laws and leave that sort of choice to the people concerned. If they want to kill themselves that's fine by me. I would issue a law to stop governments issuing more laws and regulations and stop them interfering in the lives of everyday people. I would ensure police have got the resources to be able to implement to law and the means of making sure they do that.

17 What is the worst job you have ever had to do?

Probably back to when I did national service in the RAF in 1953 and we had to prepare for an inspection which meant cleaning out toilets, almost whitewashing the coal and all those horror stories people hear about, though I did enjoy it generally.

18 Which person do you admire the most, and why?

The Queen, because of more than 50 years of devoted service, both to this country and to the Commonwealth.

19 Your claim to fame.

I try to do my best for the local community.

20 What would you most like to be remembered for?

Being helpful and friendly.