Getting to know you - Richard Tasker

1 Who are you? Richard Tasker. 2 What do you do? Owner of Boon & Potter, the menswear shop in High Street, March. 3 Why would people know you? In my capacity as a shop owner. 4 What is the most interesting thing that has ever happened to you? Nothing v

1 Who are you?Richard Tasker.2 What do you do?Owner of Boon & Potter, the menswear shop in High Street, March.3 Why would people know you?In my capacity as a shop owner.4 What is the most interesting thing that has ever happened to you?Nothing very interesting, but the most unusual is allowing the shop to be used as a setting for a comedy sketch for Japanese television. They really must have a sense of humour. I will say no more.5 What do you like most about the Fens?Wide open spaces, peace, quiet and the sunsets.6 Give us at least five pet hates.Drivers using mobile phones; parents not caring enough about their children to make them wear seat belts; people who drop litter; smoking in restaurants; marzipan.7 What sort of car do you drive?Volvo V70 Estate.8 What do you think of people who smoke?Sad that they might run the risk of shortening their lives, but if they must smoke they should keep the smoke to themselves.9 What is your favourite Fenland restaurant/pub?Lamb and Flag, Welney.10 What is the most money you have spent in one day?My last car, my only luxury. But allowing for inflation, my last house.11 What is the most romantic thing you have ever done?I am not very romantic.12 Would you say you are fashion conscious?Being in the trade, I know that 'fashion' can be interpreted in many different ways. I would say I was classical rather than fashionable.13 What is on your bedside table?Michael Palin's 'Hemingway Adventure', The National Trust magazine, Cumbria Life magazine, The Big Book of Sudoku, a glass dish owned by my grandmother, radio/alarm, table lamp.14 If you had £100 to give to charity, who would you give it to and why?Macmillan Nurses, for their dedication and support when it is most needed.15 Do you agree with the idea of private education?Yes. You should be allowed to spend your money how you wish.16 Name a town or country you would never want to return to.Goole, Humberside. It is dull, dirty and depressing. Even the charity shops all have half price sales.17 Who would you least like to sit next to on an aeroplane?Janet Street Porter.18 If you were Prime Minister, what would you abolish?Political correctness, excessive numbers of pen pushers in the health service/police, and Sunday trading.19 What is the worst job you have ever had to do?Clean out the drains.20 Which person do you admire most, and why?Richard Branson for using his entrepreneurial skills to set up many successful companies and providing thousands of jobs. I also admire his personality and his adventurous nature.21 Your claim to fame?Together with my wife, bringing up three wonderful children.22 What would you most like to be remembered for?Running a successful and popular menswear business which was founded more than 80 years ago, for the last 27 years .

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