FENLAND councillor Jonathan Farmer really needs to get his brain into gear before he opens his mouth in public.

Especially when the subject is the unprecedented number of outlets licensed to sell alcohol in Wisbech.

For him to condemn police for trying to sort out the anti-social mess that is his own council’s licensing committee has helped create in Wisbech was just plain crass.

As for his other silly idea, that Wisbech needs more than the 20 pubs it already has. It’s hardly likely to happen now, is it?

Not when alcohol is so much easier, quicker and cheaper to get from any one of the 27 shops, five supermarkets and two fast food takeaways that his irresponsible fellow councillors have licensed in town.

If the Cumulative Impact Policy (initiated by police, not by the council) prevents the granting of any more liquor licenses in the town centre, then hooray to that.

Better late than never.

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