Gifted and talented attend summer school

NEALE-WADE Community College gave pupils the chance to continue learning during their holiday’s at this year’s summer school.

Some of the brightest pupils from, or about to begin studying at the college spent five days doing activities around the theme of codes. They had the chance to build rafts, write and decipher poetry before designing their own code machines.

Organiser Martin Field said: “Originally funds were given towards gifted and talented students so they could attend summer schools.

“The more able students tend to find the kids summer holiday a bit boring. Events like this can keep their brains ticking over and gives us a chance to challenge and push them a bit further than we usually can.”

The group also got to visit Bletchley Park, the centre for codebreaking operations during British wartime, and understand how vital their role was during the war.

The 35 talented students were also treated to a special guest appearance from former student Matthew Routledge who currently studies history at Cambridge.

George Garford, about to start at Neale-Wade in September, said: “I now can’t wait for year seven!

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“We had a fabulous day and I now have loads more friends. My favourite part was canoeing on the lake. Summer school is a great idea and the code theme was so enigmatic.”