Girlfriend assaulted by a cannabis pipe after couple arrived home from True Grit

IT may be a box office hit, but the acclaimed revival of the western True Grit proved all a bit too much for Philip Collins’ girlfriend.

She was decidedly unmoved by dialogue that included references to girls being “no bigger than a corn nubbin”.

And almost certainly she took offence when a Texan ranger spoke of “stealin’ a kiss from you, although you are very young and you’re very unattractive to boot.”

But worst of all was the fact Collins ignored her during their night out, a court heard.

And in a row that erupted when they got home he assaulted her with a bong- a glass pipe often used for smoking cannabis.

Magistrates at Wisbech heard his girl friend was left with a cut hand after the incident.

Solicitor George Sorrell said: “It was an unusual weapon, and caused minor injury to her hand.

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“The bong is a type of pipe, it was a present given to the defendant by the lady.”

Prosecutor Emma Duckett said Collins had shouted at his girlfriend, saying he had wasted a year of his life with her.

She said: “He pushed her on to the bed and sat on her stomach, she screamed at him to get off.

“The defendant pushed her on the bed and threw the duvet over her, causing her neck to crack.

“The defendant removed some items, including the bong, and his partner tried to get it off him; he hit her hand, causing a cut. The argument continued and the defendant collected his belongings and left.”

Mr Sorrell said Collins, 20, of Cross Drove, Tydd St Giles, would like to reconcile with his former girlfriend.

The court ordered a pre-sentence report and adjourned the case to Peterborough Magistrates’ Court on March 31.

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