GO TO BLAZES: Manea people must fight to retain fire station - and I will lobby authority

THE threat to Manea Fire Station is sadly very real given the attitude displayed at the recent Fire Authority meeting by the ruling group on the Authority.

Members seem absolutely unable to recognise the rural nature of our county and the area which Manea currently looks after.

It is one thing to say the impact on response times might be an average of a couple of minutes – but that assumes it is not a winter night with ice or snow on the road – then March or Chatteris would undoubtedly take longer to reach Manea.

The people of Manea need to act now, get behind the station and its crew, lobby hard the MP and indeed councillors on the Fire Authority and challenge why they should lose their station – and ask for facts.

I, meanwhile, will continue to argue for its retention and with colleagues in the opposition group keep up the fight.

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