“God help Wisbech!”

As the wife of a hard working town and district councillor I was both appalled and disgusted by the comments made by Councillor David Patrick in the recent Wisbech Standard.

I have witnessed first hand all the hours of work involved in planning, organising and manning the various events in our town.

All time is given freely. Town councillors do not get paid. A special mention of Cllr David Oliver who gives endless hours of his time to all events, from car park manning at the Rose Fair to the recent St George’s Day event.

Where were Cllr Patrick and his hard working Bucknors at these events? Nowhere to be seen!

Cllr Patrick cannot even be bothered to attend our Remembrance Day service. Them being a minority on the council should not be an excuse to refuse to help at these events.

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Instead of continuously ranting at and running down the very councillors who do work hard, his time would be better spent keeping his mouth shut, buckling down and actually helping them.

I dread to think what will happen to this town if Cllr Patrick and his ilk ever gain control of our council. God help Wisbech!

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