Golden future for Fenland business after MEP helps them net �88,000 of European cash

A FAMILY-RUN Fenland rapeseed oil business looks set for a golden future after MEP Richard Howitt helped them secure �88,000 of European cash.

The Cambridgeshire Euro MP fought to seal the European grant for Munns & Son - based at Westmoor Farm, in Chatteris.

The funding has helped the company move from a “back of the kitchen” operator which supplied 300 regional outlets to a slick rapeseed oil producer that competes in the big supermarkets.

Mr Howitt opened the new plant at Chatteris yesterday, presenting a plaque to company boss George Munns.

The Labour MEP said: “Starting as a family business, this is now a professional and modern local company which will take rapeseed oil, goose fat and golden syrup processed near Chatteris to national and international markets.

“George Munns spotted a niche in the market as the popularity of cold pressed rapeseed oil is set to soar, and I am delighted a European grant has backed his idea.

“Discerning Fenland chefs are saying it really is the healthy local option as it has half the fat of olive oil and twice as much Omega 3.

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“Customers at home and abroad are going to be shouting ‘oil’ have some more of that!”

The grant has allowed the company to install new processing and packaging equipment, introducing them to new markets and creating more jobs.

Mr Howitt was shown the specialised equipment for labelling and bottling before tasting some of the Fenland products for himself.

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