Good luck, MP Steve Barclay, as Government Whip ... you will certainly need it.

I would like to wish Steve Barclay, newly re-elected MP for NE Cambs, luck in his new role of Government Whip in David Cameron’s new administration. He will certainly need it.

David Cameron, like John Major in 1992, unexpectedly won a majority in the general election. David Cameron has a majority of just 12 compared to John Major’s 21.

Just like John Major, David Cameron will face a backbench rebellion over Europe which Mr Barclay will have to deal with in his role of Government Whip.

Mr Barclay will also have to deal with opposition amongst Tory MPs to the cuts, 60 per cent yet to take place. The £12billion of welfare cuts will fill up Tory MPs’ surgeries with hardship cases.

A reinvigorated Labour Party under a new leader, with more than 40,000 new members joining since May 7, means that Mr Barclay should enjoy his role of Government Whip whilst he can.

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