Good luck Rob - I’m in no doubt that you will win your battle

My children and I have been to walk the dogs on a couple of occasions. The last time was the Sunday before they were removed from Rob Phipps’ care.

I also took two for a walk the following day.

My children would love to have a dog at home but as that’s not possible. When JJ Rescue was looking for volunteers we decided to go on one of the walks.

Upon arriving at the warehouse some of the dogs were already on leads with the volunteers. My son and I took one of the small dogs and my daughter another. We then left for the walk.

We stayed at the back behind all the other volunteers. Rob left after us but soon caught up, passed us and all the other walkers and was leading the way.

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And wow, didn’t you know it - all the dogs picked up pace to catch up with Rob. It was so obvious.

What would have happened to these dogs if Rob didn’t rescue them and take them in?

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He had given them a roof, food, water, care and a chance to rehabilitate. Rob absolutely adores them.

I wish him good luck in his battle. I’m in no doubt that he will win this.


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