‘Good news’ as police seize vehicle from Ely street for multiple motoring offences including not insurance, tax or MOT and two bald tyres

4x4 seized in Ely by police for motoring offences

4x4 seized in Ely by police for motoring offences - Credit: Archant

This Ford 4x4 vehicle was seized by police from High Street in Ely.

Posting the incident on their Facebook page East Cambs police said: “Vehicle has ticked all the boxes - no tax, no insurance, no MOT. Usually we have to obscure number plate details when publishing images - but not in this case - as they were already caked in mud. The situation was rounded off with two illegal tyres on the front.

“The owner of the vehicle has been reported for summons and has two weeks to provide valid evidence of VED (vehicle excise duty) - which will require the owner to successfully insure the vehicle (which will therefore require an MOT).

“If the owner does succeed in this hugely expensive task, he/she will then still be faced with the relevant penalties in law (fines and penalty points in most circumstances) irrespective of whether the vehicle is brought up to roadworthiness.

“If the vehicle is not road legal within two weeks it will be disposed of. The final cost the owner will take is the charge for removing the vehicle from the road.

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“In circumstances where so many offences of construction and use are relevant it is impossible to deal with the matter by fixed penalty notice and the keeper will be required to attend Magistrates Court.”

Sgt Phil Priestley added: “Following representations from the community we have been paying particular interest to the area of Forehill in Ely, and predominantly for issues of inconsiderate parking.

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“A vehicle like this is clearly a risk to other drivers and accidents involving uninsured drivers costs hundreds of millions of pounds to law abiding motorists every year.

“The issue of bald tyres and obscured number plates is worth highlighting too - the conditions on the roads at this time of year are difficult enough with full tread, and many people in otherwise road worthy vehicles are breaking the law by allowing mud and dirt to obscure their number plate.

“It’s good news to take a vehicle like this off the road.”

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