Police trial new emergency video streaming GPS tracking platform for 999 callers

Live streaming software for 999 callers is being trialled by Cambridgeshire police. Picture: Cambs C

Live streaming software for 999 callers is being trialled by Cambridgeshire police. Picture: Cambs Cops - Credit: Cambs Cops

Software used to show what a 999 caller is seeing live at the scene of an emergency is being trialled by police in Cambridgeshire.

The video streaming platform GoodSAM allows call handlers to see the emergency and track the exact location at the same time, all without installing anything.

With no app required, GoodSAM will work on any modern Apple or Android smartphone or tablet with a camera; older systems may not be supported.

The camera tool, opened by a link sent to the caller via a text or an email, will allow the call handler to track both the location and the live video footage of the scene in front of the caller.

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire Police said: “If our control room operator believes that there is benefit in seeing your video or tracking your location, they may send you an email or text message after gaining your consent.

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“Clicking on a web link contained within the text message will enable your camera and GPS which will immediately start transmitting a live stream into our control room whilst you are still on the phone to us.

“Providing our control room operators with this information will assist them in determining exactly the right type of resources to dispatch, and aid them in understanding what is being reported to them.

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“Being able to track your location whilst on the phone means that officers sent to an incident know exactly where to go and can get to you in the soonest time.”

Handlers will also have the ability to share footage with other relevant people – this could be the officers on the way, but could also be the fire or ambulance service.

The spokesman added: “The aim of this platform is to provide a more effective service to the public by sending the most appropriate resources, and to gather best evidence of any crimes that are being committed so that we can bring offenders to justice.

“In an emergency situation your live video could be shared with other emergency services.

“With regards to recorded video we work closely with other professional agencies and sharing will only take place if there is an Information Sharing Agreement in place and that it is necessary and proportionate to do so.

“When a video is shared there is a requirement for the Police to record the reason for doing so and the system is fully auditable.”

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