Government cuts affect disabled people

I HAVE followed this government’s progress and I find it despicable that they intend to go ahead with cuts that will effect disabled people all over the UK.

They won’t tell you because they don’t want you to know how heartless that they really are. We in Fenland have been told that our council tax will not be going up this year. I would pay a few pounds extra if it kept one disabled club going. They don’t tell you that they are getting rid of all their risk assessors and various other front line staff that really do make a difference to disabled people. I hope that the disabled charities can get together and take this government to court under the human rights act. Surely it is a disabled person’s right to see their friends once a week at a club and to be able to take part in activities that are available to them. I was really upset when I was told what was in the pipeline but this governments policy seems to be cut and then cut again. We don’t have anything left to privatise as the last Tory government took care of all that. I also see a recession looming but what do I know about this fragile economy. You can’t put in excess of three million people onto the dole and expect everything to be alright.

I have seen enough of what this government has done both nationally and locally and when it comes to the local elections in May I will be standing again and I will need all the help I can get because to make a difference people need to stand for election and do not let any one get elected with no opposition. One last thing Conservative and Lib Dem votes equal a dictaorship within fenland something the people who live in Wisbech dont deserve.


Waterlees Rd


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