Granddaughter launches bid to help others thanks to football legend

Lucy Moore with grandad Malcolm Lindsay

Lucy Moore (left) is aiming to cover 50 miles throughout October for Prostate Cancer UK with the support of grandfather, former Wisbech Town and King's Lynn Town footballer Malcolm Lindsay (right). - Credit: Lucy Moore/YouTube/100 Years of Coconuts

A woman who aims to cover 50 miles for her grandfather who has terminal cancer hopes her efforts will help others not to suffer in the same way. 

Malcolm Lindsay, of March, played for the likes of Wisbech Town and Cambridge United during his career, but it is at King’s Lynn Town where he scored 321 times in 740 appearances for the club. 

His granddaughter, Lucy Moore, is aiming to run throughout October to raise funds for Prostate Cancer UK after her grandfather was diagnosed with the illness. 

“We found out he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in August and so we wanted to raise awareness of the illness,” Lucy said. 

“Grandad made me think if he stood at football and not said something, how many other men are not talking to each other about what they might be going through?” 

Lucy Moore ready for Prostate Cancer UK challenge

Lucy Moore hopes she can help raise funds for Prostate Cancer UK while helping others in a similar situation to her grandfather Malcolm Lindsay. - Credit: Lucy Moore

Lucy began the feat earlier this month, which she found by clicking on a Facebook link advertising the challenge. 

Having started the challenge earlier this month, she looks to complete two miles a day, working out to around 12.5 miles a week. 

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“There are days I do walk as I have arthritis in my knees, but I intend to get out there and do it,” said Lucy. 

“He is at stage four, which is terminal, but people might be at the beginning of that journey so we want to raise money for those families as well.” 

“More friends have been in touch, which has cheered him up and put a smile on his face as he didn’t know he was that well-loved in the community.” 

Malcolm Lindsay

Malcolm Lindsay, who scored 321 times for King's Lynn Town, also played for Wisbech Town and is an avid supporter of the Fenmen and March Town. - Credit: YouTube/100 Years of Coconuts

Malcolm, an avid supporter of Wisbech, March and King’s Lynn, has metastatic cancer which means the cancer has spread to other parts of his body. 

Lucy, who works full-time, has had to find time to take on the 50-mile test and has so far raised over her initial target of £500. 

It is an achievement that her grandfather is proud of and hopes that her efforts can spread a wider message. 

“It’s nice to think something like this has spiralled into something much bigger and it keeps me going,” Lucy added.  

“The big thing for grandad is to make sure others talk and help raise money for other families as he doesn’t want anyone else to suffer.” 

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