Grandmother crochets 'worry worms' for children to find

One of the many worry worms being placed around March

'Worry worms' are being placed around March for children to find. - Credit: Linda Richardson

Children have been on the hunt for ‘worry worms’, which are being placed around a Fenland town by crocheting crafters.

Linda Richardson, from March, came across the idea of making the colourful worms on the internet, and thought youngsters may enjoy finding them.

She said: “Some parents have said their children suffer with anxiety which has become worse since the lockdowns. It has been a really difficult year for everyone.

“But a child can put a ‘worry worm’ in their pocket, it can be with them all day and it helps them feel better.

“I can't believe how the idea has taken off over social media. Lots of people have been posting photographs on Facebook of their children finding a worry worm, and the beaming smiles on their faces has made it all worthwhile.

“It’s lovely to see them so engaged with an outdoor activity, rather than being indoors and looking at a screen.”

Worry worms

Children have enjoyed coming across the 'worry worms' in March. - Credit: Supplied by Linda Richardson

Since posting the idea on social media last week, Linda has made around 100 worms for children to find and had 50 private orders.

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For any private orders, she is asking for a small donation which will go towards Westwood Primary School where her six grandchildren attend.

Fellow crocheter Michelle Powell has also been making them and placing them around March as well.

Each worm also comes with a short poem, explaining what it is and why it may be helpful.

It says: “I’m your little worry worm,

“Keep me close, keep me near.

“When a worry pops in your head,

“Hold me tight, whisper in my ear.

“I will take away your worry,

“So you have nothing left to fear.”

It is hoped the activity will spread will expand beyond March.

At least one other crafter from Hartlepool has been in touch keen to start making worms for children there.

Linda added: “We've been placing the worms in different locations most evenings.

"If I go out for the day, say to the hospital for example, I also plan to take some with me to leave there.

“The entire activity has been a win-win really. The children have really enjoyed getting out there and finding them; I love crochet and have thoroughly enjoyed making them.

You can also follow the ‘worry worms’ craze by joining the Facebook group ‘Worry Worms ….March’.