Great sympathy for those suffering TVT complications

Regarding the Sling The Mesh campaign which opposes the use of all TVT meshes, may I add a personal observation.

Bladder hernia (cystocele) is a horribly debilitating condition that has plagued women’s health since time began.

As the blader gradually prolapses through the pelvic floor it causes increasing incontinence, pain and immobility, eventually leaving the woman barely able to function at all.

A simple internal device might help to support the weakened area, but if the prolapse was too severe then surgery to attempt a repair of the pelvic floor was usually offered.

But it was a difficult operation with a significant failure rate.

In the mid 1970s a controversial new technique was developed using plastic mesh implants to support routine pelvic floor repairs and increase success rates.

Since those early days TVT now includes many other different operations using different meshes and placed by different mechanisms.

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From the online comments of the anti mesh campaign it appears that some systems are less successful that others and one has great sympathy for anyone suffering TVT complications as well as cystocele.

Addenbrooke’s in Cambridge uses the Prosima pelvic floor repair system.

It was studied extensively with internationally accepted publications scrutinising the mesh up to two years post implantation, and no major complications or difficulties found.

Moreover the hospital’s consultant Mark Slack is nationally renowned for his expertise in using this system, which was why I was confident he could heal my own cystocele five years ago.

Having received a 10-page patient information leaflet a few weeks before the operation which included all the risk factors and their limited likelihood I agreed to go ahead with the Prosima treatment.

The risks were again spelt out by a junior registrar immediately prior to surgery and my signed consent duly given.

The operation was a complete success, a blessed life saver.

One of my relatives had the same operation and happy outcome at Addenbrooke’s the following year.

Isn’t the NHS marvellous.

My advice to cystocele sufferers is therefore simple - insist on the best and you won’t go far wrong


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