Great to see almost 100 candidates in Fenland Council elections - may the contest begin!

THAT nearly 100 candidates are fighting for the 38 available seats on Fenland District Council is a testimony to the ‘put up or shut up’ brigade.

We’ve long advocated that those who endear us with their off stage sniping had no better opportunity than now to put their feet into the political water.

That only two candidates have been returned unopposed compared to 22 in 2007 is a remarkable turn around, and the contest many have long hankered for can now finally get under way.

The Conservatives are in the driving seat, are better organised, have a well honed campaigning team and strategy, and financially give the appearance at least of flourishing.

But happily local elections are only about modest costs and the point of entry and ultimate success can be relatively low.

We welcome the re-emergence of Labour, we positively await enthralled by the Lib Dem campaign (see diary opposite) and we look forward to seeing the much heralded Independent campaign take shape.

There are 10 independent candidates across Fenland and each will no doubt put forward their own, idiosyncratic appeal to the wider electorate. None more so than in Elm and Christchurch where Cabinet member Phil Webb - ousted following an internal campaign by a handful of Tories - has decided to go it alone as an independent.

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There are other instances too of political engagement which we welcome – particularly the decision by three Greens to contest Whittlesey area seats. Ironically they will be advocating a ‘green’ agenda in the one area of Fenland which has recently by passed the opportunity for more green energy after planners rejected a solar farm.

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