Greyhound trainer delighted with “once-in-a-lifetime” success story

WHEN Walpole St Andrew trainer Maurice Rice agreed to take in a little known Irish greyhound called Rathglass-Lady, little did he know it would turn out to be a “once-in-a-lifetime” success story.

But according to the trainer and Rathglass-Lady’s owner, the dog racing world has not even yet seen the best of the two-year-old Brindle.

Raymond Fairbrother bought the dog from Ireland earlier this year after seeing it race on a television channel.

Hearing that Mr Rice has an excellent reputation for getting greyhounds into perfect competitive shape, Mr Fairbrother took Rathglass-Lady over to the site in King John Bank, Walpole St Andrew to undergo a strict training regime.

“He’s really taken us by surprise,” Mr Rice said. “It is not easy to win first time at a new track but he has won all four.”

Mr Fairbrother added: “It’s very exciting. We don’t really know his full potential yet because he has not reached his best by a long way.”

Rathglass-Lady’s triumphs came at tracks in Great Yarmouth, Henlow, Nottingham and Sheffield.

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Mr Rice says to get the best out of greyhounds you have to ensure they are happy, have a good balanced diet and follow a routine.

The 30 dogs at his home have regular walks and meals at set times but are given very few treats in order to keep them in top condition.

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