Grove House Sell Off

LAST week’s Brakespeare column reminded us that FDC was run by Labour when in 1998 it sold off Grove House, Chatteris to the Isle College for a bargain �5,000.

But it was Alan Melton, during his first incarnation as leader, that promised the 2003-07 Chatteris Town Council “That it was an asset that would remain for the benefit of Chatteris”. And FDC was Conservative managed when FDC failed to exercise the claw back clause if it “ceased to be used for educational purposes”.

The building has been offered for sale at �500,000 and the College has now submitted a current change-of-use planning application to Residential. It is therefore still very much a ‘live’ issue that still rankles, and is illustrative of the continuing ‘rape of Chatteris’ with our assets being sold off only for other parts of the District to benefit.


Chatteris Liberal Democrats

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