Guided tour of Norwood Road nature reserve for March Society members

Spencer Holland speaking to society members.

Spencer Holland speaking to society members. - Credit: Archant

Members and guests of the March Society enjoyed a guided tour of Norwood Road nature reserve.

Spencer Holland, volunteer warden for the Wildlife Trust, led the tour and explained its features, history, ongoing work and future plans.

The reserve has been allowed, where possible, to grow naturally and there is now an abundance of wild flowers, shrubs and trees inhabited by a variety of fauna.

Insect life is abundant and a huge ‘insect hotel’ has recently been constructed. A wide range of birds visit the Reserve. This includes woodpeckers, coots and moorhens.

The area can get flooded in winter but the walkways enable the public to explore the area safely.

A seating area near the centre of the reserve, using logs as seats, is currently being created.

Jennifer Lawler, of the March Society, said: “March is indeed fortunate in having the Norwood Road nature reserve and its team of volunteers. It is both a wildlife jungle and a peaceful oasis – yet it is very close to the busy town centre.”

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